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The image is a landscape photograph of a stunning natural scenery with a river flowing through a valley surrounded by high mountains. The picture captures the beauty of the environment with lush green trees and plants covering the mountain slopes, while the river is seen snaking through the valley. The sky in the background is partly cloudy with sunlight casting a warm glow on the landscape. Overall, it is a breathtaking view of nature's beauty that inspires a sense of peace and tranquility.

About Us

The image shows Michele L. Selsor, D.P.M., who appears to be a middle-aged woman with short, curly brown hair and glasses. She is wearing a white lab coat over a light-colored shirt and a necklace. She is standing against a plain, light-colored background and is looking directly at the camera with a friendly and professional expression. Her name, Michele L. Selsor, D.P.M., is mentioned in the description of the image. The letters "D.P.M." after her name indicate that she is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, which means she specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the feet and ankles. Overall, the image portrays Dr. Selsor as a confident and approachable healthcare professional.

Michele L. Selsor D.P.M.

Dr. Michele L Selsor grew up in Pinellas County and has been in Private Practice since 2001. She is a graduate of the University of South Florida and received her doctorate of podiatric medicine from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Miami Shores, Florida. She completed a two year primary podiatric medicine and surgical residency at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida. She is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, and the Florida Podiatric Medical Association She enjoys treating all aspects of podiatric medicine, including but not limited to sports medicine, wound care, diabetic foot care, geriatric foot care and pediatric foot care both in office and at facilities.


Andy Ho

Office Associate

Andy grew up in Pinellas County and is a student at the University of South Florida since 2024 and he is currently working towards a bachelor's in Computer Science where he hopes to find a successful career in the field. Andy enjoys spending time at home with his family and loves trying new foods as well as having an interest in competitive video games.

The image appears to show a young woman sitting in front of a window with a view of a cityscape in the background. The woman is wearing a light blue sweater and is holding a cup in her hand. She appears to be looking down at the cup and may be in the middle of taking a sip. Her face is partially obscured by her hair, which is long and brown and falls over her shoulders. The window behind her has a white frame and is partially covered by a white blind or curtain, which is partially pulled down. The cityscape in the background is blurred, but it appears to show tall buildings and some lights, indicating it may be a nighttime view. Overall, the image has a serene and peaceful vibe.

Joanne Selsor

Office Volunteer 

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Michele Selsor, DPM